John Caden
Artist, Podcaster, Musician

John is a freelance illustrator, comic book artist, podcaster, dungeon master, and musician, among other things.  


John currently has 3 graphic novels he has written and illustrated.


John is the Dungeon Master and Editor of the Dungeons and Dragons-themed podcast, DnDin'.


He composes atmospheric music, both for the podcast, and for regular enjoyment too.

The themes behind John's work focus on fun, in-depth fantasy worlds, true-to-life characters, and the enjoyment of creating, through a variety of media.


He lives in Atlanta with his wife, son, and 2 cats and spends his days running a tutoring company. He loves to receive emails.

Upcoming Conventions:

*Conventions are currently postponed due to COVID - but I plan to attend these cons in the future:

Fluke Athens - Athens GA - March 28 2020

Atlanta Comic Convention - Atlanta GA - April 26 2020

Heroes Con - Charlotte NC -June 19-21 2020