John Caden
Artist, Podcaster, Musician

John Caden (he/him/his) is an illustrator, comic book artist, podcaster, dungeon master, and musician, among other things.  


John currently has 3 graphic novels he has written and illustrated.

He also streams and records youtube videos teaching different drawing and painting techniques.

John is the Dungeon Master and Editor of the Dungeons and Dragons-themed podcast, DnDin'.

He composes atmospheric music, both for the podcast, and for regular enjoyment too.

The themes behind John's work focus on fun, in-depth fantasy worlds, true-to-life characters, and the enjoyment of creating, through a variety of media.

You can help support his work by buying from his stores on the right or commission him on his Ko-fi.


John lives in Atlanta with his wife, son, and 4 cats and spends his days teaching. He loves to receive emails.

Upcoming Conventions:

Fluke Athens - Athens GA - March 26 2022

Atlanta Comic Convention - Atlanta GA - December 2021

Heroes Con - Charlotte NC -June 24-26 2022




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