The Crystal Key (March 2015):

is a young adult graphic novel (224 pages) about a girl named Sera who finds a magical door to another world in her uncle's study.  After going through the door, she meets a thief named Raven, a ruler named Peregrine, and learns the only way back home is with the magic of the Crystal Key, which has gone missing!

The Bodhisattva and Other Stories (December 2014):

is a collection of 12 vignettes (204 pages) telling the story of Kyrie Rivers, a Bodhisattva: one who kills people for her goddess, the Raven Queen, and her travels with the enigmatic man, Emrys.

The Bodhisattva and The Golem (September 2016):

is a fantasy LGBTQ graphic novel (200 pages). In the magical land of Silvara, Jess Breeze is haunted by a dream of a boy named Luc. On her quest to find out what happened to him, she meets and falls in love with Kyrie Rivers. 

Corrinne Sky and the Dragonstone (November 2018) is an all-ages short story (50 pages).  When a dragon attacks her city, Corrinne Sky sets off on an adventure to find the magical Dragonstone to stop the beast.  Join her in this all-ages story (50 pages) about heroism, adversity, and strength.